Welcome, to the world of Indis, you are currently gathered at the Tevari Hunters Guild – In the City of Tarkis.

Tarkis is a Village in the country of the Tevari Imperium, which some of you call home.

You are either a newly joined recruit or a semi-experienced adventurer at the Hunters Guild.

Either way you have been summoned by the Assistant Guildmaster – Talon Rhissim.

It seems that a caravan is several days behind its expected arrival date, and its last known location was heading towards the Rorik Wilds. Usually this would be no problem as the Rorik Wilds have wards protecting the pathway from the low ranking creatures that populate them. But still… it is unsual for for a caravan to be so late on such a safe path. Find out what happened and return with the missing caravan.

Tevari Hunters Guild

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